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Originally Posted by M.H.Rubel
Boys go home. Play the F C seriously. Concentrate on basics. That's it Mushy
I think we need a lot of works to be done.

> Shafiul needs to improve his line and length immensely if he wants to stick around

> Abul has no brain like the Ash-fool, no variation at all

> Razzak looks stream-less, lack of motivations

> Mollah has no clue how to bowl in T2o

>>> Need to set a pace-coaching school, Get a good pace-bowling coach who has heart and brain both.

> Get a new set of SELECTORS , the sooner the better

AND, Get rid of the likes of KAMAL & Co.
> Start slow. Build a base. Then explode.
> I needed to perform so that I could give my countrymen an occasion to cherish and be proud of - Ice Man
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