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Originally Posted by 22Yards
Nowhere in the article I really found something that is any different to what I feel now. May be people here are offended because it came out of an Indian ? Truth hurts.

Why does it so matter that afghans or irish are getting praised and the writer may have some bias towards us. What is important to us is that the kind of progress the afghans or the irish made in recent times is three times the progress we made in 10 years. We have more things to worry about than judge others might have an agenda against us. We had our chance to slap their faces with good performance but we couldn't. It's all us to blame unfortunately.
No but by the style of the prose one can guess it was marinating for some time what with idyllic references to passions in "Dhaka" and "Calcutta". What does Calcutta have to do with Bangladesh cricket? Unless its a proactive defense against the feeling that this was an anti-Bangladeshi prejudice piece "Wait, wait, wait, I mentioned Calcutta, so it wasn't just Bangladesh".

I'm trying to figure out when the T20 format took precedence over the fact that our recent ODI record matches quite favorably with that of West Indies and New Zealand or that despite being uncompetitive most of our Tests see umpires trotting to the field on the morning of the 5th day.
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