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Umm look at some of these defensive comments in this thread. LOL. This is exactly what this guy is talking about on that report. Only reason you guys are hating on him because he is an Indian, or non-Bangladeshi. If Isam wrote it, it would have been a masterpiece, although, IMO, it wouldn't have been as effective.

For all you know this guy could be the biggest Bangladeshi cricket fan and wants this team to stop celebrating little things.

Beating a top team and taking lap around the ground is not justified. This isn't the 99's team. You can't tell me Abul's celebration after Nazir's wicket was justified after he pretty much gifted Nazir with 75 runs and a match winning inning. You can't say Rahim's pre AND post game comments were not worthy of criticism. You can't tell me the **** that comes out of Tamim-Nasir-Staffs' are not loser mentality. I see threads on all of those things, and pretty much stating the same feelings. Except, it's ok because it's done by our own? But it's not ok when an outside points it out?

Truth is the truth. Deal with it.
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