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Originally Posted by dash
Good read..nicely put..I found his tone more of a frustrated fan than a critic...however this is more of a social problem...look around our society there is almost an obsession with mediocrity where most things are mediocre ..interms of cricket I still think we have more belief thann for example pre Watmore era..
Yup same here. ESP. when I read the title, I thought "here we go again, here comes 'take away this, take away that' article." But it wasn't like that at all. But even if he is being a critic, I don't see why we should get angry at this. Lost to 5 club teams prior to WC and got trashed by NZ and Pak, followed by endless excuses and pathetic comments from the players. It's not shocking that someone said those things out loud (outside of BC).

Also, Navo cleared it out perfectly. Some people are just little too insecure.
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