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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Thats his stated objective. I don't buy it. I can't prove it, but we couldn't prove OJ did it either.

The author to me doesn't look like he follows BD cricket except to throw in a good left jab every now and then when we're down on the mat with the ref counting to 10. If he knew just how dominant Shakib is in our setup he wouldn't have asked where is our Pataudi or Ranatunga. He'd have known that Shakib is our Superman.

Further his sucker-punches at the fans and the media were about as classy as Mike Tyson telling female reporters he'd answer their questions only after they service him orally. To top it off, I highly doubt they're even true. Are we to believe that our media - however inept they might be at cricket reporting - are stupid enough to cheer inside edges for four? I dunno about you but that was pretty damn condescending.
Does this poster wonder why the author of the article being discussed mentioned MAK Pataudi and Ranatunga and not other great cricketers that came out of the respective countries? It is because

It was under MAK Pataudi's Captaincy that India won the first test series abroad. He made the players believe in excellence and shun mediocrity .

It was under Ranatunga that SL won the world cup. Ranatunga bought in the belief that their team were not mediocre but were equal and better than the rest of the world.

It is this type of person, a leader, who can change the mental block of the team that they are as good as any other team in world cricket, that the author is asking for from the BD team.

Shakib is an amazing bowler and a better batsman may be better then the above two mentioned players but I dont think he can instil the belief, like he has in his abilities, to the other members of his team
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