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Originally Posted by OMG
The things mentioned in this article had a ring of dejavu to it. The things he mentioned 'bd fans celerbrate everything like its world cup' is something that i constantly read on pak n indian forums everytime bd wins something. I mean wth? God help them if we ever win a WC den dey wil know how we reallu celebrate world cups lool
loved that line.
Purohit babaji ekta ready made article likhte boslo, topic-ta jeno ki? ahh.. Bengal Cricket revolution... public khabe kokhon? When Bangladesh looses
Passion for this game for BD fan is unparalleled to anyone, making outsiders jeolous in big. Despite high loosing ratio BD fans aint lost interest in it, uprising of cricket revolution never fall down here & never will be. Unlike many other countries Fans dont desert cricket here, they just kept growing bigger. I back Navo's view that this article lacks understanding about BD fans. Article is more directed towards with mockery those failed players who are representing Bangladesh. Purohit will see how broad hearted we are when cricket will be back on our home soil and we'll fill the gallereis to cheer for our side.
Akkhep ektai eto run koreo Pakistanke harate parlam na
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