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Originally Posted by jeesh
If i am not mistaken SJ and our fielding coach where choices of Stuart Law. Perhaps time to ask RP who he prefers to work with. If you notice the bench, RP is always seated with Saqlain not the other guys.

I was really happy with the effort of our pacers in Asia Cup. Looked like SJ had an impact. But that seemed short lived. We are not expecting miraculous improvements from Mashrafe, Shafiul, etc. At least get to bowl in the zone.Get them to bowl with a plan. Make it a rule, you must bowl in good length 80% of your delivers. There seems to be no rules, no plan, nothing.

Bangladesh pacers are just going out and trying their luck as if they are in a casino. And seems like the guys are not listening. Mushfiq walked up to Shafiul after he got whacked. Probably gave him some advice. Next ball what does he do? Ball another short one, and get hit for 6.
Even Stuart Law rightly attributed this to the BPL...
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