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Originally Posted by nadim 98
We haven't got any I will rather stick with Mushy

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I do not want Mushy to be sacked....not yet. He's got not much options to work with, garbage in garbage out....he's just the operator. But I do question some of his decisions though; wanting to bat first on a day when there were 2 equations at stake, is not one of them.
I do not believe the decision was his alone....he's not that comfortable in his hot seat yet to make a call like that....I bet they talked about it and decided to bat first just because bowling first failed against NZ. What I question though is his ability to think outside the box. Bowling change such as: who to apply when against which Pak batsmen could have made some impact and could've won the match. Knowing how strong Imran Nazir is against pace bowlers, he opted not to use Razzak as he usually does at the beginning. I know Paks are better players of spin but Imran Nazir’s lack of technique could’ve been exploited by taking the pace of the ball and keeping the trajectory low. I can go on and just as most of you can…
The gist is, Mushy’s captaincy should not be changed yet for blunders like this just because , in his defense, when you have no bowlers to rely on, your ability, as captain and in bowling change, suffers. Confidence is the key and if the captain cannot confide in his players because of the lack of their ability, then changing captain would not help; especially when his replacements aren’t quite Imran Khan material.
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