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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Anybody just as disgusted as Shakib and I am? I know Atimar is. Does anyone agree that we have actually regressed the past year or so?
thing is Zunaid bhai, I am not as disgusted yet since I never expected much from our team in t20.. (as RazabQ bhai pointed out in a thread, we are just not physically strong enough to master this version)... but its easy to understand why Shakib feels this way...

we cant actually say we have regressed in t20 since we NEVER actually made that forward leap in t20.

The upcoming home series with WI will actually be a HUGE test for BD. It'll be easier to answer this question after that.

Having said that, dont know what I am expecting from our team in that series. This t20 WC has certainly left the whole team's morale in tatters....
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