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I've backed Mushy as I back all our players. That being said, I believe the most important aspect in being captain is to have good performance. It's a simple concept really, if you're not performing well than how do we expect the others to follow as the leader of the team? The fact is Mushy's performance has just not been good enough as captain. Just look at the last match for example. While Shakib was on fire, Mushy ended up getting bogged down and then ended up throwing his wicket away without doing much. His 26 ball 25 consisted of 14 dot balls. Thats a dot ball percentage of 54%. I know he was trying to support Shakib but at the very least rotate the strike more.

Also lets see his performance since he's been captain. In T20s, his avg been only a 20 and his avg in ODIs is only a 21. In tests his avg is very good with an avg of 40 but don't forget we've played very few Test matches and his wicket keeping in the match against the WI costed us and made crucial mistakes in the Pakistan match as well.

At the end of the day, I feel it's best for Mushy to give up captaincy and prove himself as a player. I didnt think much of it before but he came in around the same time as Tamim and Shakib and now look at those 2 compared to him. Both Shakib and Tamim have now risen to a world class level where Mushy hasn't gone near that level. I thought he was becoming more consistent but it seems he hasn't. You see that he performs in one match but then fails for a string of matches. For a guy that has so much experience at the international level, he needs to do a lot better. I don't him want him off the team because he's the best overall wicketkeeper batsman in the country, but take his captaincy title off I say.
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