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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Not being good in T20 is the same as saying not good in ODIs and Tests. T20 shrinks the skills you need to know into a shortened but intense period - if you cannot master this, you cannot master the longer form. I think T20s are a better test for Tests than ODIs. I expect ODIs to die and only Tests and T20s to survive.
I disagree Z bhai. Truly great players can play well in all formats like Tendulkar, Hussey, Kallis etc but look at the likes of Imran Nazir or Raina or Afridi who become champions in T-20 but cannot succeed in Test cricket. T-20 amplifies the need for certain skills like speed and brute force whereas finesse, concentration takes a back seat.

Our players are not power hitters of the ball like Pakistan or India. We are more like the Sri Lankans who rely on skill and timing rather than brute force. Also, we do not have the mental toughness to survive under pressure for long sessions. This is why our best format has been the 50 overs game which asks for mid range concentration levels and a mid range shot making ability.
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