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Originally Posted by oronnya
As if changing the captain will do the trick !! We've had one of the best man in BD cricket to lead the team and he did lead the team from front but still couldn't manage to win most of the matches..And we the same people went on blaming him for each and every loss..Same will happen if he gets selected as captain once again as the team will still remain crap..We really should stop blaming the captain after each and every loss when we clearly can see what most of our players are capable of . It's not just a saying that "A captain is as good as his team"..

No point in blaming Mushy the captain, rather blame Mushy the player.. A fair share of blame should go to the management as well.. when captain is making a mistake the coach can easily send out messages to put them in the right direction but we still didn't see Pybus doing that.. And no I am not criticizing Pybus here.. Just saying he could've put that extra effort to guide them through..
Agree with everything as usual except for the bolded part. One of the best? Who are/were the other ones who could be mentioned in the same breath as the magician from magura?
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