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Default How to revolutionalise sport in BD

I have been thinking about this for a while. Not just BD but subcon sportsman in general just do not look like sportsman. Their physic, athletism etc when comparing with others in europe and africa, is very poor. They look like average people not professional sportsman who have been in training.

I think a good solution to this would be if sports academies "adopted" young homeless children. The children will get food, shelter, and education from the academies. The academies will be able to groom these children for various sport whether it be cricket, football etc. They will raise them with a controlled healthy diet to improve physic, they will educate them on speaking foreign languages. They will help them master sport as they will train properly from a young age.

This is just my opinion. Might sound crazy to some, but I think this will help get kids out of poverty and will improve the sportsman of the future.
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