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Man, Wouldnt I love to live the life of our so called "cricketer" (As always everyone other than shakib) who get paid koti taka a year for doing jack and get treated like celebrities but even after all their failures they still walk around acting like kings.. Great players from a decade or two ago ( Richards, Ambrose, Miandad etc) didnt get paid anywhere near as much as utter failures like Shahadat, Riyad, Ashraful but all these players combined arent even good enough to touch the feet of those greats. I say hit them where it hurts, no performance equals no pay. Mediocre performers should be paid the lowest amount of money, only Shakib gets A level contract, Tamim C and all others F. In a country as poor as ours, paying koti koti taka to failed sportsmen makes little sense, if you want koti taka then give performance thats worthy of that
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