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Originally Posted by Miraz
Fazal, we can't assemble even 11 decent player for the national team. Thinking about selecting 3 set of players is simply ludicrous at this point. Sorry for my language.

You will never have it unless you plan for it and move forward with the plan. if you look at other teams, they take risks in T20 team with young unproven players (unproven by their standard) with mixed results.

For us it's not going to be any worst than what is happening in our T20 team, playing with more established players who may not be suited for t20.

As for me I hate below par performance and business as usual. I would rather work on finding more alternatives even in short term it means short term miserable performance. Atleast with that plan I see light at the end of the long tunnel. Now what i see is dark at the other end with no hope. Some players are too comfy with their situation as they see no competition to uproot them.
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