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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
Its all about hunger to succeed and attitude, dont want to hear BS excuses... there are many Bengalis (mostly ones outside BD) who have excellent physique/ athletic ability because they are not involved in that loser excuse culture and they work as hard as anyone else.
Hunger alone has not helped mortaza or ash! Hunger is a motivational term, which alone is pointless. Hunger drives mortaza to keep coming back after injuries and ops but it does not make him any better.

Our problem lies in our culture, our diet, our young. The commitment is not enforced from a young age.

In the UK parents start taking their children from the age of 5-6+ to football training after school and on weekends. Some require a lot of commitment as a lot of travelling and early morning starts is required. Asking a 5-6 year old to make such commitments that young is hard work. This is where you need the parents to enforce commitment in the child and get them up for training, make sure they attend training all the time etc....just like deshi parents do with school.

You can't blame the parents entirely either, the BD cricket team at present has not convinced parents that sport is a good occupation, who wants their child to be a part of a losing team??
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