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Default Cricket's top eight need to be challenged more

BD players those their presence in the team is good for nothing ... are you reading this? Dont you ever say 'on our day we can do jack' type of crap anymore before any big game. Every time you open your mouth saying those crap to media is a disgrace to the team, to the nation, to the fan.

No team in the world will ever wait for 'your day to do jack' once in a blue moon. Keep your sorry butt and mouth busy where it should be.

Cricket's top eight need to be challenged more

And for all the resources and chances they have got, Bangladesh haven't done it yet
Harsha Bhogle
September 28, 2012
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Shakib Al Hasan: the only world-class player Bangladesh have produced so far © Bangladesh Cricket Board


It took eight days for the World Twenty20 to get to the eight teams we knew would play the next stage. We yearned for the established teams to squirm a bit, maybe even get embarrassed. Why, we wouldn't even have minded if one got knocked out because it would have meant the game had got more competitive. But apart from a tiny little period of play from the spirited Afghans against India, we yearned in vain. There is still no challenge to the established forces, and that isn't great news for a global sport. A hundred countries may play cricket but it is still really only eight.

Of the four countries that made early exits, two (Afghanistan and Ireland) need more cricket and two (Zimbabwe and Bangladesh) need to be challenged.
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