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Originally Posted by SS
shala pochanor uschad...we already know our pain...typical endu...shob shomoi amago nichu korbo....ei bhabe lekar dorker ki...ore ki koise amader jonne lekar....i hope er team out hok taratari...what about other sports...there are teams who are weaker but that does not mean the sport events did not allow them...they could have organized more frequent matches to do super 8 why blame weaker teams and brining up stats and after stats...we already know it....
Like many other, including Bangladeshi, Harsha is a cricket commentator as well as writer. It is their job commentating, writing report on any event, any team, any cricket issue etc., they DO NOT have to be a 'deshi', nor have to GIVE A DAMN any team hitting bottom, or her freaking fans having nightmare, nither need permission from any team, board, fans, but do their professional job the way THEY THINK that would matter.
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