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Originally Posted by oronnya
Harsha wrote some nice articles after our Asia Cup heroics and he has always encouraged BD cricket.. I think as a true cricket fan he is as pissed as we are atm.. If the same article was written by Isam bhai we wouldn't have said anything. So I think it's not fair to say Harsha is upto something just because he is an Indian.. I think our players deserves these harsh criticism to wake them up.. You might not have the talent but you could at least give your 100% while which we don't see in our players.. It's just frustrating to follow BD cricket.. We better accept that..
Your last sentence about talent is wrong Sir. Who said our players don't have talent?? So your saying Asia cup and the NZ series was fake? If they weren't talented then they never would've won a game! The problem we all should be worried about is that our players are lazy and don't give 100 percent ALL THE TIME! They sometime do give 100 percent and that is when we win. So let's make Richard bring out the whip on these guys!

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