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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Oh my god,

while your intentions are good, but I don't think we should interfere on a children's personal space of dreams of what to do with their life... plus huge amount of resource is needed which may not be feasible, and other than grooming up CIA like ultrasuperspy players, at that tender age they need more of care, love and la-la land. But as i said, your intention and heart is in the right place.
They are homeless....what dreams are they going to have when they cant even eat and have no family? This way they have food and shelter and a occupatiom at the end for the best performing.

Reason I was focusing on them is so that a new breed of sportsman who actually look like and act like sportsman can be produced.

As has been mentioned in this thread, our culture is not sporty hence why the support from family and even commitment from the sportsman themslves such as training in gym and eating right is not there.

Look at what we have now? These guys look like they do nothing but nets...they dont look like they watch what they eat or go gym. Coaching cant control what they do after nets.

Hence why I think homeless kids who are raised by the academies can be hugely better guided in this aspect. They wont have family holding them back.

Its pretty far fetched for our country I know and I am not saying is should happen, it just crossed my mind and I wanted other opinioms on it as i saw it as a way to help with poverty and sport.
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