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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Have you really thought this through?... If you have resources to build an academy that could train and raise homeless children into sports champs than obviously you could use the same resources to instead provide education and let them choose their own lives!
This scheme would be to develope sportstars of the future not lawyers, drs, and accountants as there are already schools for that. Our culture is all about trying to get in to those professions as mentioned in a post earliar. We need sport to be considered a good occupation to aim for too.

Obviously there are better causes to spend money on, but thats like saying why have a cricket team when the money from players salaries can be better spent on this or that...or why have bpl when money from bpl can be better spent on this or that. Problem is we do have a cricket team and we also need good players coming through which is why I mentioned this as a way this possibly could happen, along side whatever they are doing now.
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