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Originally Posted by Wakidul
a few players are missing to make our team competative. We need a dale steyn type bowler as shakib mentioned. Need a watson type bowler and batsmen, need good fielders who give 100% like warner, need a genuine spinner perhaps ajmal, narine (mystery) type, and an Amla/kohli type of batsmen who play risk free but effective cricket. The chances of players like this emerging i rekon is still quite a long way away from bangladesh cricket. So in short term we will remain uncompetitive, but in the distant future this may change, but is this going to be too long a wait for our critics and fans alike?
I think BD only need commitment from the players, that is it. Some things seems not right now. I agree wholeheartedly what Shakib said. If the fielding improves and people are live wire in the middle every one would be inspired. I still remember Ash's dance and shout against IRE,it was funny I agree, but that somehow changed the direction of the game.
We have enough talented players just need to execute better. Start with fielding.
I mean as a fan I become inspired when I see great fielding from our players why wouldn't Bowlers be inspired looking at the great stop or a good dive by our fielders.
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