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Originally Posted by RazabQ
My 7 year old (3rd grader) has picked up some rudimentary bangla and I want him to read in Bangla. Any recommendations for good books and where I can get them?
My parents used to get picture books for me from Bangladesh :S so.. not sure where you'll get them in USA
But One book I can recommend, which I too read back in 3rd/4th grade was গল্পের ডালি
by আবিদ হোসেন।
Has no difficult words and lots of pictures

গজমোতির মালা- বিশ্বনাথ দে
ছড়া ও ছবিতে মীনা- মোহাম্মদ এমদাদুল হক
ছড়া ছবিতে পাখি- don't know author, just says শিশু সাহিত্য সংসদ কলিকাতা :S
ছড়ার ছবি-author..same as above :S doesn't mention.
^these books I would say are really easy, both my brother and I read them at beginner level :P
বাঘের গলায় হার- হালিমা খাতুন
ছোটদের হিতোপদেশের গল্প- I don't exactly know the author... my bro kinda scribbled over it -_-
^ these books can be used for later. They are fairly easy, however... have more writitng than boring for the reader :P

Hope that helped :S :P
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