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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
We desperately need this type of players. Anamul and Mominul are the closest things to a Kohli at this point in time.
Kholi and Anamul/Mominul shouldn't be used even in the same sentence. Kholi made his mark from U19 days. He's stock's only been going up since he started playing for India and from the look of it it ain't about to stop anytime soon. We have yet to see Anamul/Mominul play any 'proper' cricket, all we have are just some stats to go by. From stats we definitely have reason's to be hopeful that these 2 guys have the potential make an impact, but to go as far as saying closet thing to kholi is going way way over the line. Even if we put 11 BD batsman's all together we still wouldn't have the closest thing to kholi.
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