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Originally Posted by Dilscoop

Sorry Abul, but you are done before you could eve begin. You don't get on Shakib's bad side.

Clearly Shakib is talking about the lack of effort on that one pop up where Abul waited and took it on the bounce. It was one of those "if I don't get to it, it's not a catch nor it's a drop" -- I hear that all the time from deshi fielders, even Harash Vogloii was saying that in today's game. By his book it's not a catch if you don't get to it. Losers.
he is a fast bowler... he has the hardest job with the lowest pay amongst bangladeshi professional cricketers....
i see a lot of potential with this guy to be honest, someone just needs to work with him for an extended period of time......
Fast bowlers historically are the worst fielders (anderson is an exception) and they are excused for it due to the injury that can result from unnecessary dives.
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