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Originally Posted by oronnya
For our national cricket team I would just love to add 1 thing.. They should introduce this system where the players will get bonus after a win but there will be a certain percentage of deduction from their salary after every loss and the bonus/deduction will depend on their contribution in that win/loss.. I know it's never going to happen... kintu shotti shotti kharap khelar jonno penalize korar system thaka uchit noile din er por din era kharap kheltei thakbe r eder kono matha bethai thakena..
That's it. Cut the pockets for a loss and pay for victories, everything else will move in the right direction.

These illiterate, self respect less creatures need to be hurt where it matters most...they don't play for even 1% pride, they play for only and only money... 100% money, if you want to create a culture of winning and pride.. You need to begin with hurting the pockets, until winning becomes a habit and a matter of pride.

[Well, there may be exceptions... Compensate for individual performances and pay like day labors rates to the rest. That will also offend some day labors, as they put in much more efforts to earn that and don't enjoy a 5 star life apart from the payment]
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