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Originally Posted by Miraz
We are too easily satisfied and get complacent. We do not have the hunger to get better continuously. It is too much hard work for most of our players. This is more of a cultural problem.
Yes I agree. If you walk around the village side, you will see guys relaxing with torn lungees and no tops. It's not because he is poor, he is lazy. He went out with a fishing net and he got 2/3 fish.... His lunch for the day is arranged, he won't like to work anymore. Or he did an hours of job and got the money for the day, he will relax, or even beggars got the money for the day, he will relax and get involved into unproductive activities ... Ending with quarrels. National characteristics...

Dream of 98 % is to pass and find a govt job.. I have found business people, who are happy to target only a living and they land up in problems when there is a bad time in business or an uncertainty catches him...

98% lacks a proper ambition in life, in anything they do... These beggars already got more than they ever imagined... So it takes some sincere back office efforts by the management to inspire that pride, self respect etc issues... These buggers even don't understand what those things are. I could see Abul, who had no change in attitude or behavior even after missing a lolly pop catch and missing at least 2 boundary line fieldings... He just felt that he has done a great heroic move my showing the people how he rounds like a star...

I'm utterly shocked seeing these guys ... I think we should get back some of the previous players like Rok, Junaid etc... Believe me they were lot more committed. I'm even shocked with Nasir in this tour.

Sometimes I felt, is there any partisan politics within the team again?? Are we again divided inside the team?? I thought Mushy was at least capable of keeping the team motivated at least.... Jey jaye Lanka shey e hoy Raban....?? Why our captains can't keep that momentum or intensity of captaincy all along their tenure? Why can't they just step down when he feels that he can no more take the burden of captaincy?? Why they didn't even learn from the srilankan captains on this regard..??
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