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Originally Posted by zinatf
Before jumping on the bandwagon and commenting on Harsha Bhogle, please just look at his reply when I asked him about Bangladesh not getting invited by BCCI to play for a full series against India

Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha
@zinatf unacceptable. should be rectified soon

Well, thank you for letting us know!

Now, I want to know did he approach to BCCI about the issue? How many article he wrote at CI or in any other Indian newspaper?

I know for sure - BCB has approached to BCCI for the tours many times without an end result!

You can ask why I am so concern about the tour to India?
Answer is simple. As many of you say we "suck" (when we lose! And we become the world beater when we win one match!!) - may be we are! We need to fix so many issues, including infra-structures, mentality etc., but BCCI has a responsibility too being a neighbor, being the most powerful and wealthy cricket board to help us out.

One tour might not change everything but certainly will help our cricket immensely.
Do I have to factor out every point? You would know better than me anyway.
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