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Originally Posted by BANFAN
As if we would have been any better team just by visiting India. Instead India has played us in BD, that wasn't any less. And while we aren't helping ourselves, we are trying to measure how much of help they have offered??

We can beg for help, and if someone doesn't help, there is no beggars right authority to complain about it. What we can do instead, is just keep quiet and help ourselves first. We have the ability to hire any kind of professional for knowledge, but none can make up for the lacking in our own sincerity. If we are sincere enough about our cricket's development and are ready to do the hard work ... None can stop us and we don't need to beg for help.

I as a Bangladeshi and a BD cricket fan, just don't like to beg for an Indian tour and make that a reason or lack of indin support a reason for our backward situation I cricket. Either we do the hard work ourselves and improve, or we perish. We no more have the poor/lack of money CARD IN CRICKET that we always use for our backward situation in every damn sector. I hope that's also the case for all sectors now... Lets stop crying for help and let's stop using the lack of resource card for ever as a nation. If we are worth doing something, lets prove it by our ability...and that can begin with Cricket..

The days of relief aids are over my fellow citizens... Lets change our attitude and be self reliant and revive our self respect as a nation. Yes, we have to challenge the Top 8 by our own merit and capacity, not by the mercy of anyone of them.
WOW.. way to go sir.
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