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Of the recent things Mr. Lotus Kamal has done/not done, here are the few things that need to be mentioned:

It may be that all that T20 preparation was good and necessary, but travelling all the way to west indies right before the tournament may not have been such a smart idea after all, but it is ok, the board can learn from this experience. I can't blame BCB for everything since not too many high quality international teams wanted to tour Bangladesh or play Bangladesh for T20 Preparation, so they arranged for whatever they could get.

He has done some positive things in the past months, but there is still a vital ingredient lacking in our cricket culture; which is the lack of pace friendly wickets in the domestic arena. We desperately need sporting wickets, otherwise certain conditions will always remain "foreign" to Bangladeshi players. we really need to sort this out. We are really running out of excuses right now and simply stated it is the players fault for not performing...Let's do hope that we have a variety of pitches in Bangladesh, ones that are batting friendly, ones that are spin friendly and ones that are pace friendly and ones that are a mix of everything in between(Green tops), we really need to nurture and embrace the Longer format more if we are to produce quality players by introducing a diverse array of pitches so we do not just produce one-dimensional players, we want to produce at least two world class seamers and at least two world class batsmen to beat top teams consistently or to be considered elite. This can only happen with a first class system where players are constantly challenged, competition, and we can identify performers who thrive and compete not just in low, slow type wickets but also many pitch conditions....

Many of these things have been reiterated here many times by many people, but my job is to put certain ideas together so if people take notice then maybe ideas hopefully should get implemented.
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