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Originally Posted by roman
As far as I can remember,

Shafiul bowled a juicy short ball and was punished by Nazir. Mushy walked up to Shafiul and said something. Next ball, short ball again and same result. This time Mushy didn't bother..

Not defending Mushy here, but he can't spoon feed someone. I really think some players don't even listen to him and Lotus also said the same. Yes as a captain you should have the leading from the front capability but as a member of a team one must follow his captain's order. That is what team chemistry is all about.

Now how can players respect Mushy when BCB chief openly crticizes him? BD cricket is dying my friend, just don't blame Mushy for all this
BD cricket dying? to be honest our cricket never took off. We were and we still are minnows in any format of the game. The issue is we need someone like Arjuna Ranatunga or Imran Khan. And we also need some coach who are really tough on the players.

Our players simply dont want to work hard enough. then again, we know that they are BD. Our people are easily satisfied with what they eat. In 1st world countries, companies that has 1 million dollar profit target 2 million dollar for the the next year. In BD, people are like: "onek kisu paisi to ar ki laigto?"

Luckily, cricket is played in every corner of the country. Sports academy focus mainly, or simply "only" on cricket. Otherwise our cricket wouldnt go anywhere. NZ and WI with such population can still produce such quality cricketers and thinking about it, in the present decades this 2 teams have somehow improved as opposed to the last decade
NZ boast players like Kalams, taylor, guptil, vettori, franklin, oram, and exciting youth players like williamson, nicol, southee, bracewell. They indeed have a bright future
WI are also a very young unit with the exception of gayle, rampaul and samuels. Bravos, charles, narine, edwards, cooper, roach, badree, pollard.
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