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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Maybe his better half is like mine. I'm allowed to look and appreciate but not touch.
right. i thought my wife was cool too. she asked me what i wanted for our anniversary..she said i can have anything... no restrictions...absolutely anything... maan she hit my vulnerable spot, i was so excited, i almost choked in my own salliva... so i let my dark passenger loose, i let the deviant in me cloud my judgement and i blurted out how about a 24 year old girl... brief meaningless encounter... she took a pause.. asked me is that what u really want? she sounded so honest..and i felt if i was honest i am about to have my dream come i said yes. she asked are u sure. i said i think so.

silence...silence and more silence.... its freaking me out now... looks like i will not reach my anniversery...

lesson of the story.. never trust a woman...never. keep ur **** to urself. if u wanna look...look damn it... if u wanna touch..touch it..cuz u are the man..and u do what u desire... only one rule: Dont let her know!
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