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Originally Posted by Zunaid
RTFF - where the last F stands for forum rules. Of course, if anyone labels ALL Muslims as terrorists that would of course be extremely pejorative and would be counter to the F Forum rules. Least you are alluding to the phrase "The extremist Muslims", let me assure you that extremist does not mean a terrorist and by the use of the definite article 'the', Dr Turbo is referring solely to those subset of Muslims who are extremists. Just as we refer to extremist Christians (the right of the Reptard Part) etc.

Speaking as myself and not as mod or admin.

- Dr Zunaid Bhai

PS. The rules are available at the top menu and will explain all.
Bhai, I know literally extremist does not mean terrorist, but the way it was used in that post clearly meant terrorist who belong to a faith, you know it , I know it. How did you come to a conclusion and judge that by PAKI I tried to hurt Pakistani people? if the word extremist does not offend a faith, how did a short name PAKI offend whole Pakistani community?
If I accept that Dr. Turbo brother meant small portion of Muslim extremists, I could say same and same logic that by using PAKI I tried to mean that small portion of Pakistani people who hate Bangladesh cricket. How would you counter that? Dr. Turbo brother contributes more in BC and that is why it would be acceptable and that is why you had to defend his post by defining literal meaning of extremist? Any way brother I know you have the final say in this site, I don't want to argue. just tried to.counter your post.

thank you and Salam.
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