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Originally Posted by CricketPagolChele
Mr.Zunaid bhai few days back warned me and deleted my post when I wrote Pakistan as PAKI because he thought it would insult to Pakistani members of this forum even though I didn't mean to insult anyone, I just used it as short name. But when a poster labeled all "Muslim" as terrorists, he is silent. so Muslim can be called terrorist for the act few and it would not be insult to their faith. I know I may be banned for this post, but I am sure if my post was wrong so was this one.
Bit late to the party...Z already explained what I meant...but I'll do it again. No sane person should or would read that post and infer that all muslims are evil or terrorists...that I went out of my way to specify 'evil' and 'terrorist' muslims, should force that point home.

I'll admit I have an agenda...I am a muslim who wants a secular Bangladesh, and if I had it my way, I would force every Jamaat apologist back to their spiritual home of Pakistan. So anytime I see muslims acting out, I lay into the's not because I hate Islam or all Muslims, but because I am sick of those muslims who seek to bring out the worst in us, and take us back a couple of hundred years, while the rest of us wish to move forward.
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