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apus and bhais, I just got back to New York.

First of all WE all know who did these. Cox' Bazzar and then Chittagong is one of the major Jamaat strong-holds in the country. But no matter how much BNP-Jamaat and/or any other Islamic fundamentalists groups of Bangladesh or any other political groups of Bangladesh that play Islam and or religion as a major tool to engage in local politics are responsible for these kinds of cowardly, shameless, jighangsha-based attacks on innocent people, I hold the government responsible as well as dr. turbo said. The Government HAS a resposibilty to protect it's citizen, and of all, it's most fragile, weakest in power and most under-privileged ones. Or else, it would be seen as a total worthless, lame-duck administration! The Pilkhana massacre also on my mind to add to this. No matter who did these, what did YOU do about it or doing about these acts/crimes/events?

To get back to the event of rampage/burning/torture of the Buddhist communities in Cox's Bazaar - it reminds us of 1971. These attackers, these shame-less, and coward (now Gaa dhaka disey, what a bunch of low lives) men, young men are the re-birth of the Razakaars - the Al-Shams, Al- Badr brigades of Bangladesh that collaborated with and took parts in the slaughterings of Bangladeshi innocent Hindus and Muslims along with the Pakistani Army. These are the genuine Off-springs of teh original Razakaars and the seeds of Jighagsha continues on this land that we call Bangladesh. Now we ask where is the justice, where is the punishment for these 1971 razakaars, ai hai hai, a lot of them are mixed amongst us, moved up the ladder in society, and some razakaars of 1971 even are actively involved with the rulling Awami League as well. And a lot of them, they burned their Al-Badr, Al-Shams paper/IDs from 1971 as soon as the wind turned against them and soon as them and their lovers fell to defeat. We wonder how can we find them??? Look no further, they are right here, in front of our very eyes, these criminals that caused the atrocities Cox's Bazaar a few days ago. They are hiding now? Are you kidding me? Bangladesh is 55,598+ sq. miles....and it has 150+ millions of people...NO criminals in Bnagladesh can hide, IF the law enforcements JUST genuinely try to apprehand these scumbags!! I mean, in Bangladesh if I just breathe and just think, nothing else, YOU should be able to hear me sitting next to me. So it will be totally UNACCPTABLE if we hear the RABs, the Police and many other law enforcement agencies all together cannot find the perpretrator (spell) or if we hear, Ohh they have fled to a foreign country!!! The people of Bangladesh, the good people of Cox's Bazaar should not accept that no more. These criminals, no matter where they are hiding now, I refuse to believe, in a densely populated place it won't leak out who they are, these crimnals will not slip and speak with their closed ones. And you have to catch them with massive raids, simultanious if possible and take these scumbags to custody ASAP. and then do the teratment, and they will speak and tell you what you need to hear. As cricman said, I urge the government, I urge our leader and PM Sheikh Hasina to unleash severe force upon these perpretrators (spell) of Cox's Bazaar. Please make an example NOW, that not here in Bangladesh, you can get away with this. The spirits of 1971 will continue to cry for iternity, let's not add to that pain by failing to catch these scumbags of 2012.

2004-5 during BNP-Jamaat rule, when atrocities were commited against the Bangladeshi Hindu communities and other minorities, that was a direct action/responsibilities of the people in power of that time. But it is 2012 and Awami League is power, and since those previous accused government is no lnager in power, my question to the PM, what are you going to do about it now? The responsibilty is on your shoulder now. Your government will be held responsible for failure to protect it's citizens, it's minorities when that is suppossed to be one of the main mottos of this party, AL.

To add more to this crime in Cox's Bazaar, the random things that are running through my mind right now - Cox's Bazaar, in our country, as far as I know is the most cosmopolitan of all places in Bangladesh. CB - It has Muslim Bangalies, Hindus, Buddhist, Burmese, Rohingyas, Chakmas and a few other tribal groups members that call CB their home. This place is a genuine symbol of a Bangladesh that the father of this nation, Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujib (RIP), and the other founding father of our nation once envisioned. A land for all and any religion, respecting another man's faith (a direct mention in the Al-Kuran, but rejected by Jamaat and similar groups) and co-existing peacefully within a larger cosmoplitan community concept (which in the early centuries of Islamic political/social growth(aka Islam's Golden Age) was highly encouraged and developed, again ideas rejected by Jamaat and similar groups and also neo-Nazi, right-winger groups and the American conservatives and Gun-right scums)
To get back to the point of the Meaning of Cox's Bazaar, what I wanted to say was, to attack here against the Buddhist in such brutal, shameful fashion is like striking upon the very core of the CONCEPT of Bangladesh.

The meaning of Jighangsha - from early childhood Bengali in Haro-Lal Roy's Beyakoron (grammer) book - I remember learnign this word that stuck with me till I die....Jighangsha - It has Hingsha embeded in it you means a deep hatred or I think a deep hate-filled desire to cause harm upon another living being. I know bhais I get distracted very easily...and now days even more...but I also remembered something else that I wanted add to all these that said above....A lot of times WE believe that we Bangalies are very peaceful and usually devoid of high-violence. That is a very wrong idea and often a dillusional concept. Because we, even I many a times in the past, used to think that, beacuse it feels GOOD to think that, it is a denial of the mind. We Banglaies are no different than any other groups or race in the world when it comes to violence. Deep violence reside in all group of people, it varries from person to person. Deep violence, or complete disregard for another living being, for another person or how THIS other person FEELS, I think, could be inherent, by born and can a learned behaviour as well. We had the most violent people with us, amongst us always, all along, in Bangladesh, before and after the birth of the country....look at the Razakaars...weren't they Bangalies? And the Pilkhana BDR massacre, those criminals were all Bangalies.
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