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The biggest problem for our pacers are that they can't control themselves. If they can't control themselves, then why are we expecting them to control a cricket ball? This is where a bowling coaches main skill comes in. Bowlers all around the world can have, has and will have mental problems, but coaches are the ones that's suppose to fix these problems. Somehow, Ian Pont was able to get in the heads of not just our pacers but all our players and he filled in a hole in their brains. Unfortunately, Shane Jurgensen, isn't able to do that! Don't actually know why but if releasing him is a postive light in the team, then why wait? Let's get Ian or someone Ian refers in a flash! YES, I'm a very big Ian Pont fan. So let's hope for the best and looking at our recent performances, us fans can only hope, pray and keep our patience for a Miracle in our pace department and the team.

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