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Originally Posted by mij
Its seems bit unfair they can invite SLPL not BPL team.
One team from SL had been playing in this tournament since the tournament started. So it's not about being fair and unfair. SL team has already been playing for the last 3 year.

They will not hand out an invitation to us. They won't just go alright BCB we'll let your BPL champion play in this tournament. We have to show interest. These boards aren't exactly our 'best friend'. BCB has to go out there, approach these boards and get us in the tournament. Since I heard about BPL I always wonder if BPL champion will get to participate in CLT20 or not. This should have been on top of BPL governing body's list. I can't see any reason why BPL champion can't take part in the qualifier next year along with NZ, SL and WI teams. I think BCB is working on it for next year. I heard Lipu say few months back that BPL champion will play in CLT20, but than again I won't believe it until I see it for myself.
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