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Letting Grant Luden go wil be a mistake. He has been with this team for a long time now, and no one can raise any question about his dedication. You can't expect the trainer to rid of our player's 'bhuri's' in matter of week or two. Players take part in conditioning camp at max 2-3 weeks before each tournament. If players don't take responsibility of their own health when they are away from the camp, than there isn't much Grant can do in a matter of 2-3 weeks.

As for Pybus taking too many vacation, again this goes to BCB. We heard about this when JS was our coach, there was all those reports about BCB is too lenient and letting him take vacation quite often before and after tournament. You would think BCB would learn from their mistakes and fix it for the future so they don't end up going down the same road again.
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