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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I don't think the problem lies in coaching. The desire and the intensity is missing from the players. During WC when Ian and Julian was there, India flattened us in the opening match and 58 and 78 followed. So it wasn't all great and amazing under their tenure. In fact, except the win against ENG, our WC was very poor and we almost lost to IRE.

Julien is coaching Pakistan now and I don't see any marked improvement in their fielding. Their fielding was very poor in the Semi Final and only Shoaib Malik fielded well. Ian was offered a contract by BCB but it fell off during the negotiations.

So we can't just stay in the past and keep yearning for Ian and Julien. They are good coaches but not irreplaceable. Yes, SJ and Swift has been very poor and should be replaced. Let's hope for new coaches and move forward.
I don't disagree with anything you said. However, the OP says that it was a mistake to replace them with Jurgensen and Swift and that I agree with too. Players have to take responsibility for their failures but so do coaches and these two gentlemen haven't done their jobs, so we need people who can/will. I'm not sure who is available/interested at this point, but Jurgensen and Swift have had their shares of chances and it isn't working out.
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