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Originally Posted by mufi_02
During WC when Ian and Julian was there, India flattened us in the opening match and 58 and 78 followed. It wasn't all great and amazing under their tenure.
I hate to repeat statistics at you, but before my arrival, Bangladesh had lost 27 out of 29 games. In my time there, they won 10 out of 14. At the end of 2010, Bangladesh had won 7 out of 8 matches (including the Banglawash) which was 2nd only to India in results at that time across 8 matches.

I am not saying it is because of me, or Julien or anyone. I am simply saying you are being extremely harsh to say that wasn't amazing, because on FORM alone, Bangladesh would have been ranked in the world's TOP 3.

Teams will always lose matches. Sides get bowled out for low scores. But don't confuse that with the TREND, which was definitely upwards.

Please remember you are dealing here with Bangladesh and not a top 4 Test country. To gain any sort of consistency over 6 months is wonderful.

As far as JS and SJ are concerned, they are professional coaches but haven't really been able to make much of an impact compared to me and Julien. That doesn't mean they aren't good. It might just be that we were lucky to turn it around.

If anyone can choose to remember those 6 months, it wasn't the bowling (me) or fielding (Julien) that was the issue, but the batting. 58 and 78 reflected that, and the win over England at Chittagong in the WC was thanks to Ryad and Shafiul's saving us with the bat.

How short a memory some people have...
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