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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
I hate to repeat statistics at you, but before my arrival, Bangladesh had lost 27 out of 29 games. In my time there, they won 10 out of 14. At the end of 2010, Bangladesh had won 7 out of 8 matches (including the Banglawash) which was 2nd only to India in results at that time across 8 matches.

How short a memory some people have...
I am sorry I have to repeat some stats as well.

First of all, I acknowledged the fact both you and Julian are good coaches. We all appreciate your passion and continuous expert knowledge at BC.

I don't know if you referring to ODIs by saying we lost 27 out of 29 games before your arrival (Sep 2010). We should only take ODIs as standard here because you weren't with us for any Test matches.

Our ODI record (Jul 2009 – Sep 2010)
Played – 30
Won - 14

Yes, the stats are inflated because we won most of them against Zim and weak WI side. We lost comprehensively against the G8 nations and thus nothing to be too happy about as fans.

Your tenure
Played -14
Won – 10 (4 against NZ, 4 against ZIM, 1 against IRE, 1 against NED)

The discussion here is about Pace Bowling and Fielding coach. It’s hard to get fielding stats and as you are here already we can discuss Pace bowling improvements. You are obviously credited for the wins but if we look closely, it was the spinners who were the mastermind of those wins. Our pacers were only there to make up the 50 overs.

I don’t know if we can take NZ pace bowling into account. It was mostly the spinners especially Shakib who did most of the damage. But if we do –

NZ Series
Total overs we bowled – 178.1
Pace – 51.6 (29%) ; Wickets taken – 9 out of 35 (26%)
Spin – 126.5 (71%) Wickets taken – 26 out of 35 (74%)

So we see it was mostly the spinners who crafted our win. Next up was Zimbabwe and the pacers contributed even less

Zim Series
Total overs we bowled – 193.3
Pace – 52.1 (27%) ; Wickets taken – 8 out of 34 (23.5%)
Spin – 141.2 (73%) ; Wickets taken – 26 out of 34 (76.5%)

One of the reason specialized bowling and fielding coach was hired was for of the WC. Let’s look at that

WC 2011
Total overs we bowled – 252.8
Pace – 78.6 (31%) ; Wickets taken – 11 out of 36 (31.5%)
Spin – 174.2 (69%) ; Wickets taken – 25 out of 36 (69.5%)

Our poor batting and the inability of the spinners in the big matches let us down in the WC. Finger pointing started and drastic changes were made.

In conclusion – Your tenure was a slightly better era in our history but it was mostly due to SLAs and the super in-form Shakib. But as I said before, it was not all that great and amazing. We failed to deliver where it mattered most and it was the WC. But some credits should obviously go to Siddons, you and Julian and other staff.
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