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All I know is when JF was here, we dropped total of 2-3 catches (AFAIR). Likes of Razzak, RAZZAK, took all their catches. Including one sick catch where RAZZAK ran about 30 yards and took a sick over the head catch. Razzak! Catches won matches. Go by the recent close losses and see how many of those we lost because our fielders let it slip through their fingers.

As for Ian and bowling, by those posted ratios, it looks like our fast bowlers played no part in those wins. And that's another example of how misleading cricket stats can be. While Ian was here (except the WC-overhyped, over pumped game opener against Shewag) we'd never complained about our fast bowlers' performances. They played huge supporting role which helped the spinners boost their stats. Look at our spinners now. Same spinners. Why can't they spin the opponent anymore? Why are they getting trashed so badly recently? Because fast bowlers are all out of form. They aren't providing that support anymore. Our bowling attack has become very blunt and 1D. It is easy pickings...
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