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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I am sorry I have to repeat some stats as well.

Played -14
Won – 10 (4 against NZ, 4 against ZIM, 1 against IRE, 1 against NED)
Bhai... 10 wins for 14 matches is ALL I care about. Any influence on the team is a positive one, and you will also recall the uplifting videos we arranged with Maverick Studios. Julien and me also worked with batters (as we are both Level 3 head coaches), but that is not what I am saying. You know that Dhaka won the BPL with that same combination.

I don't mind you trying to lessen the record by attempting to point out who the opponents are but the bottom lime is a 71% win rate is what fans care about

It seems with some so called 'fans' you cannot win. If we had lost all those 14 matches, I would have been BHUA. But we win 10, which is the greatest set of results in BD history, and that's not amazing. You need to learn to enjoy the big successes of Bangladesh Cricket as they don't happen very often

PS... you missed the GREATEST win against England at Chittagong. I hope that wasn't deliberate but simply in your desperation to put the best team results down
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