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Daryl Harper's tribute.

Hats off to Taufel

He may have wanted to keep his cap on at all times, but the world cricket community is united in doffing its collective headgear to one of the finest umpires of them all
Daryl Harper
October 6, 2012

A basic tenet in cricket is about respecting and agreeing with the umpire's decision. In the case of Simon Taufel, players generally agree with him on almost every occasion. They accept his decisions because a very good percentage of them are correct - and this has been mostly also validated by technology. But that is only part of the reason.

A lot of that respect comes because Simon has a measured and methodical way of dealing with people. He generally ensures that he keeps emotion out of the discussion - not easy to do in the middle of a Test match when something is going on and you are not happy about it. Simon has usually been able to satisfy both sides if there is an incident, and people have been confident in his ability to keep doing that. Personally, I was more emotional in contrast. That is a major difference when it comes to gaining respect from players and coaches. Simon knows when to talk and when to keep quiet.

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