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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
It seems with some so called 'fans' you cannot win. If we had lost all those 14 matches, I would have been BHUA
Now, please don't take my stats and argument personally. There is no doubt you have more cricket knowledge than me. But when it comes to being a fan of BD cricket, I think now I have to learn the definition of fans, true fans, so called fans from you. Your implicit accusation of calling some of us so called fans isn't really appreciated.

Originally Posted by Ian Pont

PS... you missed the GREATEST win against England at Chittagong. I hope that wasn't deliberate but simply in your desperation to put the best team results down
I also didn't mention 58,78, and the embarrassment against India, narrow escape against IRE in that post as well. Bhai, I have no desperation to put down the achievement of my team.

Originally Posted by Ian Pont
but before my arrival, Bangladesh had lost 27 out of 29 games. In my time there, they won 10 out of 14. At the end of 2010, Bangladesh had won 7 out of 8 matches (including the Banglawash) which was 2nd only to India in results at that time across 8 matches.
Which isn't true, as I explained it here
Originally Posted by mufi_02
I don't know if you referring to ODIs by saying we lost 27 out of 29 games before your arrival (Sep 2010). We should only take ODIs as standard here because you weren't with us for any Test matches.

Our ODI record (Jul 2009 – Sep 2010)
Played – 30
Won - 14

Originally Posted by Ian Pont
greatest set of results in BD history,
Originally Posted by Rabz
Thought they weren't that big of a disappointment when we reached the Asia Cup final, which is unarguably our biggest success so far.
Originally Posted by Ajfar
If the strength of the opposition does not matter than that is not the greatest set of results in BD cricket history. The greatest set of result in BD history was from October 13, 2006 to March 25, 2007. Leading up to the WC 2007 to the end of the group stages of WC 2007. We won 15 out of 17 games in that time frame and that puts the winning percentage at 88%.
Originally Posted by Ian Pont
I hate to repeat statistics at you
I hate to repeat statistic to you as well.

Also, if opposition also don't matter, then by W/L ratio our we also had another better period.

From Jan 2009 - Aug 2009
ODIs played - 13 ; Won - 11 ; Ratio - 85%
Our first overseas Test Series win also occured during this period

So who cares about opponents, both by ratio and significance this period was better than yours.

Originally Posted by Ian Pont

How short a memory some people have...
Your accusation of calling some so called fans and memory problems is really interesting. I never took any personal attack to you but that didn't stop you. In fact, if you go back you will see many times I said you and Julien are good coaches. I merely presented some statistics and you came with 'so called fans' and 'memory problems'.
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