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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Yeah very true.

No International team is employing me at the moment, which just proves how bhua I am as a coach. You are absolutely correct.

Dennis Lillee is also a really crappy coach by the same measurement, as is Glenn McGrath, Craig McDermott, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Michael Bevan, Tom Moody, TA Sekar, Darren Lehmann plus hundreds of other coaches like me who have project work, short term contracts and private coaching commitments developing talent elsewhere.

Coaches often apply for roles because they wish to find out how much money is on offer. Others apply to get their name known to those boards whether they get shortlisted or not.

This sort of post above really winds me up as it shows little understanding of what makes a good coach or not.
How about the fact that likes of Moody, Mcdermott, Waqar have all been succesful coaches for TOP TEAMS before? It's not because of their lack of credentials as coach of test teams that they don't have a coaching job currently. Some of the other guys don't really have any record as coaching top national teams so I don't think it shows anything really (great player doesn't mean great coach). I have just posted my opinion, you don't need to feel offended by it.
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