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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
How about the fact that likes of Moody, Mcdermott, Waqar have all been succesful coaches for TOP TEAMS before? It's not because of their lack of credentials as coach of test teams that they don't have a coaching job currently. Some of the other guys don't really have any record as coaching top national teams so I don't think it shows anything really (great player doesn't mean great coach). I have just posted my opinion, you don't need to feel offended by it.
HMMM let me see what I shouldn't feel offended by:

"what great work have Ian pont and Julien fountain done since they left? No offense but for all their greatness, Ian pont hasn't even been hired by any test team"

You are implying I am not a good coach bhai because I am not with a national team and my work is poor because of that. You don't even know me dost so please be very careful about what you say.

This is not opinion based on any fact. I don't criticise what you do in your life as not being very good. In fact I don't care. But I do have to defend myself against such crappy comments that attack my credibility.

Most friends tell me I shouldn't bother responding to such tripe, but I cannot let you get away with saying what you said.

At least mufi_02 had the decency to argue his point (somewhat laboriously but nonetheless with some sense).
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