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I hope Shane Jurgensen and Jason Swift see this thread and step up soon. They are still our bowling & fielding coaches and yes they have had a bad tour. I'm waiting eagerly to see 1 more series. Looking back would only be a solution if Ian Pont and Julien Fountain had any chance of coming back and/or if BCB would reconsider them again. None of that is happening in the near future.
Another thing, while you all are jumping into the wagon of criticism of SJ, one has to take into consideration the fact that our 2nd best bowler is injured and hasn't had a go for a pretty long time now. Under SJ's tenure, he has done pretty well too. With such a shallow pipeline, it is really hard to gel a bowling attack with the likes of Rubel being injured. Spare a thought too because our pace bowling was not bad at all during the Asia cup that too with Rubel injured.
As for Jason Swift, I don't know what he is doing. Fielding has really been poor recently.
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