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Originally Posted by iDumb
pakistan is 16th? enough said. costa rica is happiest?? hahaahha llol..... their whole economy is based on serving others.... if making a cjp of tea for me makes them happy.. more power to them.

US, england, canada, aus.... i think these countries should rank high.

all the poor countries up in rank is because they dnt know what they are missing...
Dude, money doesn't buy happiness. Ignorance != bliss either. Orphy, how come you don't hold my hand and practice a 5 minute of loving-kindness meditation? Picture someone you don't like or dislike or even like a bit such as your wife, andrygyounous neutered neutral purbasbha and visualzie sending spheres of blue balls of bliss to her direction. Suppose you really really dislike Nasif because he has enough money to burn this bc server and turn it into a ping pong tabel... well imagine sending vibrations and positive energy of pure love and bliss... imagine he enters a room with buffet of dishes but in the porcelain melamain dishes instead of food there are zilliopns and zillions of softwares from perl or sql, to A# to whatever...and nasif is peaceful and serene.

what happens is when you want good for others, you will feel better and this will spiral into more cultivation of positivity in your life.


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