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Originally Posted by sharup
Sure they have to make the decisions first but their decisions can be overturned. Back in the days whatever they decided would hold to be true even the run outs. Without the video frames you can truly judge how well they are doing on the field with their naked eyes. We could only tell how much of an arse they made of themselves only after they showed the replay either in the news or during the game voiced over by the commentators comments. You could pass a judgment on their on-field work. That's history now.

These days, they have very little control over major decisions. Run outs, LBW, caught-behind and all are reviewed despite umpire's initial decisions. Their roles have been limited to watching for no balls and in effect house-keeping on the field. Much of their work, for which I can either applaud him or throw a shoe at him, have been taken away from them. So I cant really point my fingers at them anymore. Don't get me wrong. We can get the fairest decisions which is good for the game. But when it comes reviewing their performance on field I can't really say he did well because the decisions that can either be a pivotal one is now passed to third umpire.
I don't think you get what I was trying to say. DRS helps us judge the umpires better. When a decision gets overturned via DRS you can see the mistakes they make, as well as the good decisions they make. You can often hear the commies praising the Ump after judging their calls through tech. such as the eagle eye or w/e, the hot spot.

And today umpiring has a harder job than they did back then. They have to match the technology. Their mistakes get shown on the big screens in front of the crowd. Guys like Buckner etc got away with it in the past. Now they can't.
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